design by christian torres

design by christian torres


Between’s mission is to connect people. Connect creatives, those with great ideas, humans that would make fantastic collaborators.

We also know firsthand it’s not always easy to meet kindred spirits - especially when living in a big city like NYC. That’s why Between has started The 5x5 Project.

5 x 5’s mission is to chip away at this, 5 people at a time. Kicking off with me meeting 5 strangers for tea, a natter and some company and I will ask each of those to do the same…well, you see where this is going! Profiles of people connected along the way will be documented online, providing a snapshot of our city and the people who make it. We hope to gather everyone who has met through 5x5 in a few months time from now under one roof, for a good old party and art exhibition. If one person finds a creative partner, another a new coffee friend and perhaps a new relationship, then it will have been worthwhile!

Follow along on instagram @5x5project